Why Shift4

Aggressive POS
Software Programs

  • Disruptive pricing models to beat the competition
  • POS-as-a-Service programs with upfront bonuses
  • High-quality hardware available below-cost with a lifetime warranty
  • Free EMV devices with PCI-validated P2PE and tokenization
  • Industry’s best gift card pricing
  • Ability to purchase receipt paper at cost

Lucrative Payments

Revenue Share

Bonuses up to $2,000
Per Merchant

Special Conversion

Other benefits


Shift4 has extensive lead generation efforts to supply our resellers with a steady supply of local leads

Developers Marketplace

Your customers can add value to their POS system with seamlessly integrated solutions from our vetted partners

Pay-at-Table Solutions

Future-proof your customers with robust solutions for EMV pay-at-the-table environments

Lighthouse Online
Reporting Platform

Our remote reporting platform gives your customers a powerful back-end management tool

PCI-Validated P2PE &

These security technologies limit PCI scope and protect you and your merchants from costly data breaches


Shift4 is a leader in EMV and even offers the ability to process EMV transactions when the POS system is offline